Wednesday, March 17, 2010

giving chances doesn't mean giving up..

entah pada sapa aku bicara pd mlm ni yg pasti Tuhan mendengar suara hatiku.
masih dalam proses belajar menerima dan memahami. dalam erti kata lain, masih memberi peluang untuk memperbaiki.
the matter of being selfish is not a fact,for your sake,you have to be selfish sometimes.
SELFISH the word itself is very negative word. the word SELF-PRIORITY is more in courtesy-mode,i think..hehe.
we're all being a self-priority as i see. be realistic,if u dun have any priority of urself,why you go to work and have a pay and buy what YOU like..isn't it self-priority?..or it's a self-compliment or self-demand?..what ever the definition is, i think that i have to be self-priority in terms of saving my oak!!