Monday, July 12, 2010

Full House

The day my xKYPM's BFF wedding reception a.k.a ceremony for in-laws side. she asked me to be her bestwoman although i asked her to 'find' the singles but she still wants me to be.hurmmm, because of she is my forever BFF so i decide to be her bestwoman. Masa tgh usher diorg ke pelamin..kekok gak sbb aku bukannya biasa usher2 pengantin ni..sampai atas dais, tgh syok2 photographer snap2 tiba2 groom bersuara....,"jap..jap ek, sy nk g toilet jap.....D ( pgglan groom kpd bride) jap ekk, 5 minutes je.." hehe, then off he went to the toilet. it was a funny incident when i see the expression of shock at her face and his expression of controlling his 'peepee'...huhuhu.
I went to Putrajaya at about 10.30 am and reach there about 11 am..we wait about 15minutes and we're off to Subang (SS18)..i escorted her from the ceremony started until it settled and i asked my husband not to stay cuz the bride and groom (wah~~!)will send me home...
Back home sent by the bride and groom, having cup of tea and they off home..TQVM yna & wan...anyway precious moment wif my BFF wedding. Yna & Wan: May Allah Bless U and Live Happily Ever After......... Muahhhh.. =D

20 June 2010
Paintball Part 1:: Medan Bukit Cerakah :: To exDTM2000 yg sporting (Shah Himura, Azwana Shamsudin, Iryani Alias, Achair Jerung, Bismi Nurdiana) ~ thank you very much. glad to co-operate with u all.

After my DTM's bff plan to re-U is ruined, (sorry for that babe),i suggests for us to organize a small function a.k.a activity, the suitable (plus i myself want it too..hehe~~) was paintball so i guess the guys would interested. Then, we started to discussed about it in our FB forum and from there, we provoked each other (jez for fun)....and the day came,  we fight at the smallest battle yard. Female vs. Male..hehe.but as usual-lah....yg perempuan mengalah je. hehe.  =P 1st game takes about 10 minutes, one of my friend (do i have to mention her name ....ooopss,her??) got tired and her face turned into pinkish.hehe.knock out!!!!!! the 2nd game is about 10 minutes, our war was at the 2nd small yard. in a bushes and old car. (real eeh? hehe). 3rd game was the last game that to finished the pellets where we're not disqualified when get shot. just have to turn back and touch the net. Sedar2 je, i was shot 'dead' by 8 shots~~!!!!!!! huhuhu....masa main tembak2 tu x la terasa. But really, the pain strikes after 2 or 3 days and the blueblack stays for about 3 weeks....hehe. Although, it's an interesting game and thank my friends (as i mentioned the names)..thank you very much. it was a great memory........... :))