Thursday, March 17, 2011


this is the day of new phase of life for my darling zyla + husband..from being single, turn to not single...haha..need to adjust everything that u used to do by yourself and even any decision is not only from one side, well, this is my new experience though as this is my first time to visit Kota Kinabalu. i depart to BKI from KUL on 10th March wif my lovely family, mr Husband and the 2 heroes. hehe...they're so excited to have their new experience, fly.....hehe. but the half way of the journey, mr. Da Da and mr. Adiq fell asleep..they were quite behave although they still active..

penah minum air jenama ni tak hehe

Mr Da Da yg sgt excited


mr adiq

d tanjung aru

pasir dan aku

mr. Da Da

tanjung aru beach

teksi sabah


sehari sebelum fly ke sabah, mr adiq ada buat drama swasta.....ikuti kisahnya....hehe

aik amik susu mr adiq??

tgk bibir dia mcm angelina jolie dah..

kesan2 darah...

ni la rupa superman yg tewas..haha


sian dia...melepekkkkkkk

tetido dengan susu yang tak terminum...

penuh...x sentuh langsung

sbb tu susunya di ambil alih oleh mr Da Da


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